We've answered and compiled questions put to us via email and over our social media platforms. Do have a look through them below to see if any of them answers a query you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at any time too.

We expect T3 to be officially opened in the last quarter of the year, 2018.
T2 will become the terminal for domestic flights, GACL has said.
Yes. GACL has said it plans to have universal WiFi internet available at the international terminal. Wifi internet is already available in lounges at Kotoka.
Generally, Kotoka.city and the airport operator, GACL, don't sell airline tickets. You're always advised to contact the airline you wish to travel with for ticket pricing and their availability.
It depends on which parking bay you choose to park at and the length of your stay. Prices start as low as GHC6 for up to an hour in Car Park 5.
Yes. You'll be able to change currencies at Forex Bureau points in the airport.
There are various roles and career paths in aviation and other related services at the airport. If you're after a specific role with a specific company, do contact the company directly or check for their advertised roles on their website. If you're after roles with Ghana Airports Company Ltd, you can check the GACL website or contact GACL directly at anytime to find out more about available roles.