Checking-in forms part of your basic requirements as a passenger at any airport and Kotoka is no different in this regard. You're required to check-in to gain admittance to your flight. You'll normally obtain a boarding pass and have your baggage also checked-in by your airline.

Boarding Pass

A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during the check-in process. The boarding pass gives a passenger permission to board the plane for a specific flight. On the boarding pass, you should see the Passenger Identification Number, Flight Number, Ticket Number, Airplane Code, and Date and Time scheduled for departure.

Check-in Requirements

Check all the requirements before you set off on your journey

  • A valid passport
  • A valid visa (if needed)
  • Your airline ticket
  • Additional travel requirements such as a medical certificate may be required when traveling internationally or out of the ECOWAS region (Check your destination country's requirements)

Check-in Options

At the counter

You can check-in at the counter desks designated to your airline. You can find which desk from information screens in the Arrival halls. A representative of your airline will normally issue you with a boarding pass.

Self Check-in

You can choose to check-in at an e-Kiosk (green coloured floor standing screens), if your airline is part of the e-checkin programme at Kotoka (Check with your airline). The self-service kiosks are located at various points around the Departure halls. You will normally be printed a boarding pass and will then be required to hand in your baggage at your airline's counter where a representative will process and tag it to complete the check-in process.

Online Check-in

You can also choose to check-in online, if your airline allows you to on their website. You will normally be able to do this up to 24 hours before your departure time.