Getting to Kotoka Airport is straight forward, depending on where you're coming from and how you wish to travel. See options below and plan your journey. I'm heading out of Kotoka instead

Walk the walk

You can get to the airport on foot at any time. However, we do advise against this if you’re carrying any amount of luggage. Kotoka airport lies at the top of a small hill like the rest of the airport city.

Cycle a ride

You can and are permitted to cycle to Kotoka. There are currently no designated places for parking or securing of bicycles at the airport however, so do please note that this would be at your own risk.

Drive your wagon

Getting to Kotoka with a private car is easy. Parking options are available for short and long stay. You will be able to load and offload right in front of Arrivals and Departure halls respectively, for all terminals.

 Note: The airport drive can get busy and may have long traffic tail-backs during peak hours.

Hail a taxi

Local taxis and other privately-owned taxis (such as Uber) are allowed in to the airport unlike local commercial buses (with exceptions for coaches, tour buses and hotel shuttles). The designated Car Park and area for taxis is at Car Park 3. Like other small-sized vehicles coming into the airport, Taxis are allowed temporary drop-off stops in front of Departure halls at all terminals.

 Note: Vehicle wheel clamping and penalty fines apply for non-adherence to the airport's Traffic Management rules at any time.